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Layup Basics – How to do a Basic Layup for Beginners – CBI

On the command, “Step,” players step forward with their left leg. Follow the, “Step,” command with, “Drive,” and, “Shot,” in cadence, to create the rhythm for taking an active lay-up. When you feel it is proper, switch to a left handed lay-up. Once you are comfortable with that action, go to the next step.

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How to Do a Layup in Basketball (6-Step Guide)

How to Do a Layup (6-Steps) 1. Eyes Up. The very first thing a player must do when they decide to attack the defense and finish with a layup is get... 2. Outside Foot Step (Long). The first step a player makes as they pick up the basketball should be with their “outside”... 3. Inside Foot Step ...

Coaching basic basketball fundamentals - Layups

General tips Go to the rim with force and determination. You will go THROUGH the defense. Make them step up and take a charge. See if they're willing to sacrifice. Don't limit the force you go to the rim with... Go up with two hands, release with one. Control the ball. As others have mentioned, you ...

The Basic Steps of the Lay Up (Right Side) for Youth Basketball

This video clip demonstrates the basics of learning a Lay Up using the right hand. Use the process on this video clip to teach your players the basic fundame...

How To Shoot A Layup For Beginners! Basketball Basics ...

How To Shoot A Layup For Beginners [SECRETS]! Basketball Basics🚫 3 Things Keeping You From Scoring Around The Rim: https://gethandles.com/3-things-scoring-a...

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The layup is a fundamental basketball move that will become second nature after you practice it enough. You should get to the point where your body remembers what to do and you don't have to think about which foot to put forward and which one to jump off: you just do it. Do layups as part of every basketball practice.

20 Basketball Layup / Finishing Drills for Coaches & Players

20 Basketball Layup & Finishing Drills - For Coaches & Players Beginner Layup Drills. With beginners, you should use very simple drills to teach layups. The simple "layup line drill"... Youth Layup Drills. You'll notice we do not have any drills listed in this section because all the drills below ...

5 Layup Drills You Must Use Next Practice (Full Instructions)

After the first layup, without rebounding their own shot (3) quickly curls around and replaces (5) on the high post. After making the pass to the player sprinting up the court, (5) rebounds the layup from (3) and passes it to the next person in line in the corner. This same process continues at both ends of the court for 3 - 5 minutes. Scoring System: