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Place 3 cones/poles approx. 2m apart from each other in a triangle. 3m in front, place a fourth cone as the passing station. The passing player (yellow) lines up at the fourth cone, with a ball. The active player (blue) lines up on the first cone/pole of the triangle. Execution:

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The first player passes to player two in the middle who plays an immediate ball back into the path... Players pass the ball in an anti-clockwise direction around the grid. Players should aim their passes at the cone and the receiving players should ste... Ball starts with player 1 who feeds the ball into player 3.

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Passing drills should be designed close to the game in handball. Mikkel Voigt from SHEA in Skanderborg shows us a passing drill with free decisions, defender...

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Handball passing drills This drill involves players forming a circle with a passer in the middle. The player in the centre must have a ball and... This handball passing drill needs four players forming a square 5 – 10 meters apart and a fifth player in the middle of... This drill includes a partner ...

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passing? Shooting technique 1. Receive the ball on the move 2. Attack open space using your three steps 3. Raise the throwing arm backwards, the ball should be above your head and elbow above your shoulder 4. Transfer your weight onto your front foot 5. Aim at your target, and follow through your throwing arm and release the ball Jump shot technique 1.

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Stage two Transfer the weight from your back foot to your front foot by rotating your hips and torso toward the target. Pull the throwing arm through toward the target leading with your elbow and your forearm and wrist following last and... Release the ball just in front of your head with both feet ...

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Basic Handball - Methods, Tactics, Technique. + wrongly + lack of shock absorption + overleaping forward + wrong position of hands µ while passing : + passing behind, instead of in front of a player + passing too hard + lob passing + swinging a passing arm too wide When teaching the catch and pass elements we should begin with the easiest forms and then go into more complex ones.

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This handball training drill requires 6 players separated into 3 attacker,3 defenders and should be played in a 10 m x 5 m area. The players should pass quickly and accurately with the condition that the player should not pass back to the same person. The players should focus on speed,agility,footwork and accuracy at all times.