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Online Poker » Poker Strategy » General » Playing Poker for a Living. Note: This article assumes that if you are looking to play poker full time, you already have established yourself to be a winning player with a winning track record. This means playing thousands of hands or games, not just a few hundred.

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In any case, being a full-time poker player seems to be a very hard way to make an easy living. Playing Online Poker for a Living – Suggestion Consider online Poker Earnings as a Side Income The above verification makes us suggest that we should make money from online poker on the side rather than solely rely on it for a living.

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Playing online poker for a living: tournaments. If you have your mind set on playing online, I’d suggest you focus on MTTs. The reason for this is that these big-field tournaments still attract many recreational players, so there is an edge to be had. The best MTT grinders manage to pull the ROI of around 30% playing on an average buy-in of $100.

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In fact, there are thousands of professionals who play online poker on a daily basis and earn good money from it. Therefore, to answer the topic question right away — yes, you can make a living ...

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Anyone wanting to play poker for a living needs to first decide on what they want to play. In his video, Polk breaks it down nicely, talking about popular online and live formats. Poker tournaments. Online tournaments, although hugely popular, are one of the toughest arenas, because of long hours and huge variance connected to them. There is money to be made for sure for a decent player, but that number is, on average, much smaller than most people would guess.

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Yes, you can make a living playing poker in 2021. However, it is not easy. You have to work hard to be a winning player these days. You also have to be very disciplined. However, for some people like me playing poker for a living allows a lot of freedom. There are many different factors involved with this question though.

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35. level 1. [deleted] · 5y. I went to Vegas with a college buddy in 1986 to start a career as a poker player. I lasted 2 years, ground out a decent living (45k in 1987) then left to finish college. Grinding in poker is the worst job you could ever have. My buddy started playing tournaments and private games with whales.