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Poker chip - definition of poker chip by The Free Dictionary

1. poker chip - a small disk-shaped counter used to represent money when gambling. chip. blue chip - a blue poker chip with the highest value. counter - game equipment (as a piece of wood, plastic, or ivory) used for keeping a count or reserving a space in various card or board games.

Poker Chip Values and Color | Poker Chips Guide

Here’s a look at those chips with accent colours: 25 – green with forest green/yellow. 100 – black with day blue/dark blue. 500 – desert flower with maroon/pink. 1000 – canary yellow with plum/sherbet orange. 5000 – blaze orange with dark brown/tan. 25,000 – forest green with blue/yellow. 50,000 – ...

POKER CHIP | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

poker chip. noun [ C ] us / ˈpoʊ.kɚ ˌtʃɪp / uk / ˈpəʊ.kə ˌtʃɪp /. a small plastic disk used to represent a particular amount of money in the game of poker: Blue poker chips had the highest value. The game is played with 18 poker chips or other counters.

Standard Poker Chip Values or Denominations

The poker room at the Wynn casino also includes brown chips valued at $2 and peach chips valued at $3. California There are no legal mandates on gaming chip colors in California, but there is a common color coding used in most organized games:

POKER CHIP | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

poker chip definition: 1. a small plastic disc used to represent a particular amount of money in the game of poker: 2…. Learn more.

Poker Chip Values | Poker Chip Colors and Values (Chart)

Poker chips are standard units for playing poker professionally, worldwide. Here’s a quick guide to poker chip values. This will apprise of how much value each colour of poker chip holds.

Glossary of poker terms - Wikipedia

An aspect of some poker tournaments that rewards players for eliminating other players with a cash prize for each player they eliminate, separate from the tournament payout structure. See main article: bounty. box The chip tray in front of a house dealer, and by extension, the house dealer's position at the table boxed card

AA Poker Chips - Alcoholics Anonymous -- Recovery Emporium ...

One theory is that the early members of Alcoholics Anonymous spent many hours playing poker in clubhouses across the nation. The poker chip, then being readily available, seemed a natural fit as a way to recognize different lengths of sobriety. The letters "AA" are stamped on the front side, and the reverse of each chip is blank. Many groups have elected to add a foil sticker to the back of the chips to indicate a length of sobriety.