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Does anyone else here bet on Russian table tennis? - reddit

Yes, Ping Pong has been very very good to me. 2. level 1. josh010191. · 1y. I've been betting moscow pro liga table tennis everyday since the beginning of May and its been very profitable. Key is to don't chase losses, don't bet too much on a single match, do research and most of all, watch the matches. If you're just looking at the numbers ...

The Complete Guide to Betting Russian Ping Pong - reddit.com

The Complete Guide to Betting Russian Ping Pong. Let's take a quick journey back to March, when the absence of major-market sports caused degens everywhere to turn to betting Korean Baseball, Madden Sims, and even weather markets to get their gambling fix. Among these, Russian Table Tennis emerged from the depths of the motherland, becoming ...

Russian Table Tennis : sportsbook - reddit

tennis In the desperate search for new markets I've noticed Russian Table tennis, i.e. 'Moscow Liga Pro', provides a steady stream of matches day in day out. However, I haven't been able to find a place to watch it, or really find too much information on rankings etc.

Russian Table tennis : sportsbook - reddit

1. level 2. Buy_ILLVZN. 3 months ago. Not OP, but... Odds for table tennis are extremely volatile for whatever reason. I've noticed this when absentmindedly flipping through the live bets on the DraftKings app late at night. 2-3 points for one player will often result in a really big shift in odds.

Russian Table Tennis : sportsbook - reddit.com

The players are all part of the Russian Table Tennis Federation. They have been playing table tennis in local halls for years, I'm talking about your weekend tables/friendly meetups kind of guys. Apart from the people at the top, around 700 rating the rest of them are of your average skill level, they are literally dads/brothers/husbands etc ...

When do Russian table tennis players sleep? : sportsbook - reddit

They get paid decent money to just play table tennis for people who bet. I assume demand is higher than ever now. Probably not the easiest players to source either. All these leagues are organized by Russian bookmakers for the sole purpose of gambling. There's no actual league, as in standings etc.

Russian Table Tennis : sportsbook - reddit.com

Almost no live games today other than Russian Table Tennis, who knows this sport/hobby? ... sports betting "discussion" ... Join. Top posts december 24th 2018 Top ...

Anyone For Ukrainian Table Tennis? The Shady Sport That Feeds ...

A recent thread on Reddit finds many players who’ve stumbled across these strange table tennis markets. “In the desperate search for new markets I've noticed Russian Table tennis, i.e. 'Moscow ...

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Russian table tennis discussion; Table tennis forums. There are several forums where you can keep up with the latest action, be part of the discussion, and share essential information to bet on table tennis. Some of the most popular ones are: Ooak Forum: pretty big forum mainly about Tennis Betting equipment, Table Tennis Robots. Open Ooak Forum.