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How to say toss in Tamil

Here's a list of translations. Tamil Translation. டாஸில். Ṭāsil. More Tamil words for toss. சுண்டி எறி verb. Cuṇṭi eṟi toss. சுண்டு.

TOSS Meaning in tamil English, TOSS in tamil, tamil-TOSS ...

सिक्का उछालना = to throw up. Who's going to cook tonight let's toss up. डूबना-उतराना. The boat was tossing around in the waves. Tags: toss meaning in tamil, toss ka matalab tamil me, tamil meaning of toss, toss meaning dictionary. toss in tamil. Translation and meaning of toss in English tamil dictionary.

Toss meaning in tamil

spells from Brett Lee and Glenn McGrath. Home » English Tamil Dictionary » toss-up Toss-up Meaning Tamil Translate Porul answer the question, "What is the Meaning of - Meaning in Tamil Mean Means Matlab Enna colla pecukiratu Eppati colla pecuvatu Itan arttam enna Porul Molipeyar EN Enta "Toss" , , , - .♪ : /tôs/ : ()

How to say "to some extent" in Tamil

How to say to some extent in Tamil. Tamil Translation. ஒரு எல்லைவரை ... toss a coin. toss and turn. toss around. toss away. tossed. Translate to ...

throw away - Meaning in Tamil

verb. get rid of. Synonyms : cast, cast off, drop, shake off, shed, throw, throw off Examples. - he shed his image as a pushy boss. - shed your clothes. throw or cast away. Synonyms : cast aside, cast away, cast out, chuck out, discard, dispose, fling, put away, throw out, toss, toss away, toss out Example. - Put away your worries.

thrash - Meaning in Tamil

beat so fast that (the heart's) output starts dropping until (it) does not manage to pump out blood at all. move or stir about violently. Synonyms: convulse, jactitate, slash, thrash about, thresh, thresh about, toss. Example. - The feverish patient thrashed around in his bed. dance the slam dance.

Toss - definition of toss by The Free Dictionary

5. ( tr) (of an animal) to butt with the head or the horns and throw into the air: the bull tossed the matador. 6. ( tr) to shake, agitate, or disturb. 7. to toss up a coin with (someone) in order to decide or allot something: I'll toss you for it; let's toss for it.

pitch - Meaning in Tamil

the action or manner of throwing something. Example. - his pitch fell short and his hat landed on the floor. any of various dark heavy viscid substances obtained as a residue. Synonyms: tar. a vendor's position (especially on the sidewalk) Example.