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How to Jump Serve a Volleyball: 10 Steps (with Pictures ...

To jump serve a volleyball, start by standing 2-3 feet behind the back line since you’ll want to throw the ball high and step to the line to gain momentum for your jump. Next, look at how the opposing players are positioned so you can aim your body and serve toward the empty spaces.

How to Jump Serve In Volleyball - Easy Step By Step Guide

The keys to the jump serve in volleyball are: Get in the zone; Have a consistent toss; Perfect your approach; Make solid contact with full extension; Follow through What is a jump serve in volleyball? Before we get into the steps of the jump serve, I think it’s important to have an understanding of what a jump serve is.

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You should use whichever approach makes you the most comfortable for your jump serve. The height of your toss may help dictate the number of steps you take. If you’re a right-handed hitter, you would step left, right, left for the three-step approach. For the four-step approach, you would go right, left, right, left.

How to Jump Serve in Volleyball (10-Step Guide) – Volleyball ...

The difference in a jump serve approach is that your dominant foot moves first to create a “fourth step” in the three-step approach. The first movement is subtle and shifts the weight from your heels to your toes in your dominant foot. Next, use your typical left, right, left motion (flip it for lefties).

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Jump up and forward, making sure to take off behind the end line. Contact the ball at the top of your reach and the top of your jump. Strike the ball toward the top of the back with your palm and follow through with your arm swing, aiming outward and downward to put topspin on the ball.

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3 Methods to Serve a Volleyball

Method 3: Jump Float Serve Step 6: Hit the ball with the heel of your dominant hand. As with the basic overhand serve, your elbow should be pointing upward, and your wrist should be rigid and at or slightly above your ear.

Jump Float Serve - Strength and Power Volleyball

Jump Serving Footwork. The first part of learning to jump float is teaching the footwork. When learning the approach, it’s very similar to a regular volleyball hitting approach. The first thing to practice is the left-right-left steps (if you are right handed). You’re stepping forward and jumping from beyond the service line.

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Step 1. Create a Strong Base. It’s impossible to serve consistently or with any pace when you’re off balance. As a right-handed hitter, the left foot will be the guiding foot and the right foot will provide balance and strength by keeping the body supported from moving backwards.